Premium Program for IT Exam Dumps

For over a decade, we have provided a plethora of IT professionals with secure and swift pathways to pass their exams. We've noticed a significant number of institutions and organizations repeatedly purchasing our products, including system integration companies, IT enterprises, IT trainers, and numerous IT training institutes. To show our appreciation to these institutional clients, we have launched the Premium Program, aimed at reducing their costs in acquiring learning materials.

The Premium Program comprises three packages: Silver Premium Program,Gold Premium Program, and Diamond Premium Program. Each package offers products identical in content to our retail items, meticulously crafted by our expert team. Before purchasing, you are welcome to visit any Exam dumps product page for a free demo to try before you buy.

How to Join the Premium Program

Anyone is eligible to purchase our Premium Program services. You can easily register an account by clicking on the Sign-Up option in the top right corner. The registration process is straightforward – you simply need to provide an email address and create a password. (Ensure that the email address you provide is correct.)

After registering, please log in using the details you provided during registration and select the Premium Program package you wish to purchase.

If you have previously used our website, simply log into your account and choose the appropriate Premium Program package to purchase.

Using the Premium Program

1. Upon purchasing any package from the Premium Program, a special download area will be accessible in your user center (visible only to customers who have purchased a Premium package).

2. PDF products are unencrypted, without passwords, and free of image watermarks.

3. VCE products are password-free and without image watermarks.

4. You can download any Exam PDF dumps from the site and receive free updates for a minimum of 30 days and up to 365 days, with all product content being consistent with our retail offerings.

Premium Features Silver Premium Program Gold Premium Program Diamond Premium Program
Product Features Consistent with Retail Products Consistent with Retail Products Consistent with Retail Products
Free Update Period 1 Months 6 Months 12 Months
PDF Encryption Unencrypted Unencrypted Unencrypted
PDF Image Watermark Without Watermarks Without Watermarks Without Watermarks
VCE Encryption Unencrypted Unencrypted Unencrypted
VCE Image Watermark Without Watermarks Without Watermarks Without Watermarks
Client Devices (IPs) 4 4 4
Customer Service LiveChat & Ticket LiveChat & Ticket LiveChat & Ticket
Downloads per 24 Hours 10 10 10
Monthly Download Limit 30 30 30
Approximate Price Per Exam dumps $6.65/per $4.9/per $4.66/per
Price Was $369.99 $1669.99 $3169.99
Discounted Price $199.79 $889.38 $1678.92
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Important Information:

Does the Premium Program offer downloads for all products on the website?

Indeed, our Premium Program encompasses all Exam dumps available on the site, allowing you to download any product from the Premium Program download area as needed.

Is the Premium Program unlimited in downloads?

To ensure stable access for all customers and to support the operational needs of our engineering team, we have established that Premium Program clients are limited to a maximum of 30 Exam downloads per month, with no more than 10 Exams per day. We offer two formats for each Exam: PDF and VCE.

For example, consider the Cisco 200-301 Exam dumps. If you download the 200-301 PDF, it will count as one download for both your daily and monthly limits. However, if you also download the 200-301 VCE, it will not further affect your download limits. When you download a new Exam dump, such as the Cisco 350-401 PDF dumps, your download limit will be reduced by one, and so on.

Premium Program Activation Process

For security reasons, we manually review each customer who purchases the Premium Program package, which typically takes 8-12 hours. After you purchase the Premium Program package, we will send an email to your registered email address. Please respond as requested in the email. Once verification is complete, we will activate your Premium Program account.

Immediate Download Availability in the Premium Program

Once you purchase any Premium Program package and pass the manual review, you can log in to your user center to download products.

Premium Program Client Restrictions

The Premium Program is a special package developed to reward our loyal customers, with an average price as low as $4.6 per Exam dump. To prevent account sharing, we have imposed restrictions on the download IPs of customers. If our system detects logins from multiple regions on your account, we may freeze the account. Each of our products represents a significant investment of time and resources, so please value our hard work.